Woodbury Options For Women

What can you do to help Woodbury Options for Women?

  •  Pray - We are blessed to have the Saint Ambrose ProLife Prayer Committee looking after us. The members include Sr. Doreen Charest, Kay Delaney, Winnie Lynott, Kathy Peterson-Dobler, Peggy White and Julie Dines (St. Rita’s).
  • Volunteer - contact Woodbury Options @ 651.340.9062 or woodburyoptionsforwomen.com.
  • Shop smile. amazon.com - It functions exactly as the regular Amazon.com portal. Select Woodbury Life Resource Center as your charity of choice, then shop like normal. A portion of all purchases will benefit Woodbury Options.
  •  Subscribe to charitymobile.com - The only ProLife mobile phone service provider. They provide service area coverage equivalent to Verizon. Their rates are lower than most and 5% of every subscriber’s monthly invoice is distributed to Woodbury Options.