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We recognize that this time of uncertainty caused by COVID-19 carries financial realities that we could never have anticipated. Our prayers are with the many families who will face hardship becuase of the impacts of this pandemic. Like so many businesses and churches, we also know that Saint Ambrose will face financial challenges during this time. Please be assured that our parish leaderhsip and the members of the parish finance council have been working diligently to ensure the financial health of our parish in uncertain times. With Sunday Masses cancelled, the budgeted income of Saint Ambrose has been impacted. We are taking steps to reduce costs and adjust our expenses. Like so many of you, we are tightening our belts. We are forever grateful for the generousity of so many members of our parish family. You make the ministry of Saint Ambrose possible. Thank you to those who have chosen to mail in your Sunday envelope as continued support of our parish in these uncertain times. We are thankful. We humbly ask for the continued support of our parish family. For those that are able, contributions can be made to the parish by mail, by taking advantage of our automatic withdrawal (ACH) process, or by contributing via the parish app. Please see our home page and click on stewardship to be directed to giving by credit card. You may also call our parish Business Administrator, Greg Hereford a call at 651.768.3010 and he would be happy to assist you. Thank you for supporting the ministry of Saint Ambrose, as we continue to strive to find ways to walk with you and hold you in prayer during these unsteeling times. May God bless and protect you all.

Our address:
4125 Woodbury Drive
Woodbury, MN 55129

There are several ways to make donations to Saint Ambrose:

Envelope System
Many parishioners prefer to use weekly envelopes. These envelopes are sent automatically to your home on a quarterly basis direct from Church Budget Envelope Company. If you would prefer to use another form of payment or just don't want the envelopes, please contact us so that we can keep costs low and save paper too!

Electronic Fund Transfer
EFT is one way to make contributions consistent, no hassle with filling out a check along with saving a tree! No paper envelopes, it is very easy! The program is available to all parishioners for your stewardship giving as well as our building fund. Withdrawals are taken on the 2nd of the month, the 18th of the month or the 2nd & 18th of the month. Please click here for the automatic withdrawal form. You may mail it back to the parish office, bring it direct to the parish office or drop it in the Sunday collection.

Credit Card Option
 Click here to donate via credit card.

Stock Options
Please contact our Business Administrator, Greg.Hereford at 651.768.3010 for questions on donating stock.