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Dear Parents,

 We are certainly living in unprecedented times and this can cause us to feel both stress and fear. It seems that every day we are confronted with more information that may cause us to become more apprehensive. Without a doubt, we are living in a difficult time and it is easy to succumb to the darkness of fear. But this is where we have been given an excellent opportunity to grow in holiness. To let God, sit in the driver's seat. To let Him take over. In the coming days and weeks, we would like to encourage you to pray for all those who are affected by this virus and for all those who are caring for the sick, especially our medical professionals, police officers, and EMT's.

Father Peter and I met this morning and we have decided that we will be postponing all Faith Formation classes (preschool; elementary; EDGE; and Confirmation) indefinitely. We ask for your patience as we take this day by day and as we get more information, we will continue to be in contact with all of our parish families. Please watch the Saint Ambrose parish website for updates, opportunities for spiritual growth, and updates as to the steps we are taking as a parish community.

FIRST EUCHARIST: First Eucharist Retreats have been postponed at this time. We are hoping that we will still be able to hold them at a later date; however, we are not able to make any specific plans about holding the retreats at this time.

In regards to the First Eucharist Masses, we will be taking this one day at a time. Please be assured that we will be celebrating First Eucharist here at Saint Ambrose, we just aren't sure whether or not they will still be held on our assigned weekends. We ask for your patience as we proceed through these unprecedented times and please know that we will update you as soon as we have any additional information.

If you haven't completed your child's take-home materials, we ask that you do so. You should also complete their First Eucharist banner so that they are ready for the upcoming Masses.

CONFIRMATION: Both our Year I and Year II Confirmation Retreats that were scheduled for this month have been canceled. We will not be able to make those retreats up but will have some options available for those teens who would like to attend a retreat after the pandemic has receded.

 Year II Candidates can be assured that we will be celebrating Confirmation here at Saint Ambrose, we just aren't sure whether or not it will still be held on Saturday, April 18th. If your teen has not turned in their letter requesting the Sacrament of Confirmation to Father Peter, please have them do so via email by the end of this week. We also need them to turn in the Ministry Reflection paper and that can be done via email as well. Please send all paperwork directly to me and I will get it to Father Peter.

JUNIOR AND SENIOR HIGH YOUTH MINISTRY: All middle and high school youth ministry events have been cancelled. This includes:

  • Extreme Faith Night on Friday, March 20th
  • All Edge Events and Sessions
  • All Tuesday night high school ministry; Novus, Zeal, and Encounter

**Please have your son or daughter follow @teen_zeal on Instagram for more updates and encouragement throughout this time when we cannot do ministry in person**

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Again, we want to thank you for your patience and prayers during this time. We are truly blessed to be part of this wonderful Catholic community and the knowledge that God loves us unconditionally.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need any additional information.

God Bless! Please know that you and your families are in our prayers.

Patti Watkins

Director of Faith Formation

[email protected]