Outreach Opportunities

Outreach Volunteer Opportunities For Lent:

Feed My Starving Children: 
Friday, March 29th from 8-9 pm

Catholic Charities Higher Ground: 
Wednesday, March 20th & Wednesday, April 3rd from 7-9:30 pm

Second Harvest Heartland Food pack:
Thursday, April 11th from 5:20 -7:30 pm

Clean & Decorate the Church for Holy Week & Easter: 
Monday, April 15th from 6:30 - 8:00 pm & Saturday, April 20th from 9-11 am.


Since the founding, Saint Ambrose has had a strong history of supporting those in need in our community as well as those in other places. The parish has a number of collections for items like food, clothing, Christmas gifts among many other things. There have also been a number of second collections over the years that have provided needed funds for local, national and international programs. As a parish, Saint Ambrose also provides funding to help a number of local, regional and worldwide charities by tithing part of our general collection. In 2004, our then pastor, Fr. Tom Walker with Pastoral Minister Deacon Larry Amell, formed a Financial Outreach Committee to help decide how these funds are to be distributed. This committee meets regularly to help in this process. Every month, we will begin publishing the agencies who are going to receive funding from the parish. We will also be spotlighting one particular charity each month, so that the community can learn more about them. If you have any questions, please contact Deacon Larry Amell @ 651.768.3008. Thank you!

 Here are the Financial Outreach Recipients for February:

 St. Mary's Mission: $2000.00

St. Casimir's Catholic Church: $2000.00

St. Patrick’s Catholic Church: $2000.00

St. Pascal Catholic School: $2500.00

St. Bernard’s Catholic Church: $2600.00

Listening House: $500.00

Total:    $11,600.00


A message from our spotlight charity: 

Listening House – St. Paul, Minnesota

On behalf of guests of Listening House of St. Paul, thank you to the parishioners of Saint Ambrose for your financial support and clothing donations. Listening House is a daytime community and referral center for adults experiencing homelessness, loneliness or poverty. With your help, we welcome 40 to 140 people daily and these very cold and snowy days have been particularly busy as people seek a refuge from the elements. All are welcome for a hot cup of coffee, a bite to eat, clean socks, clothes, hats, gloves, boots, hygiene supplies, private bathrooms, a listening ear, a smile, and connection to resources. Check out the videos at www.listeninghouse.org or contact Cheryl Peterson at 651.227.5911 to learn more. 

  ~For I was hungry and you gave me to eat, thirsty and you gave me to drink, a stranger and you welcomed me, I needed clothes and you clothed me...  MT 25:35-36


The Outreach committee works with local charities to attempt to meet the immediate needs of the less fortunate mostly by the collection of goods and providing volunteer opportunities. Some of the charities the Outreach committee supports include:

  • Catholic Charities
  • Christian Cupboard
  • Indian Ministries
  • Alley Shoppe



  For more information on our Outreach programs, please contact:
  Deacon Larry Amell